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Cross Platform PC/Mobile-AR Multiplayer Shooter


  • The player is equipped with a sanitizer gun which is used to shoot the virus particles.

  • If the player comes in contact with a particle, it will respawn.

  • Going too close to the particle reduces players health.

  • Shooting other players with sanitizer results in the increase of health but approaching another player results in the violation of social distance.

  • Masks are present and collecting them increases health of the player.

  • The Reinforced Learned COVID particles have a win/lose reward state which makes the floor red in the player infected state and green if the player successfully evades the particles.

  • As a survivalistic aspect, only the other players can view your player’s health and vice versa that enables them to help each other to fend off against the onslaught of COVID virus cells.


  • Reinforcement Learning trained enemy AI 

  • Augmented Reality mobile variant

  • Cross-Platform multiplayer (Up to 20 players)



  • Unity3D

  • Unity ML Agents

  • Blender

  • Photon API (PUN 2)

  • AR Foundation

  • Google ARCore

  • Affinity Designer

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