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Augmented Reality Real-Estate solution


On the onset of the pandemic, a number of fields that prioritized, nay mandated, physical interaction with customers such as the construction and real-estate industry, are crumbling do to the lack thereof. It has become a necessity for such work cultures to embrace the world of the virtual and implement strategies that not only tackle the "customer's physical presence is a must" mindset of such industries, but further buttress the previously elucidated advantages of working "virtually".


  • A real-time Augmented Reality application which renders multiple infrastructural models in worldspace through Android Devices with an ARCore enabled Camera.

  • AR modules include 1:1 scale interactable and explorable models. These modules can be selected manually by the user through the UI menu. The modules consist of:

    • Furnished 1:1 scale model of a House with a UI overlay

    • Empty 1:1 scale model of a House with a UI overlay

    • 1:1 scale model of a House with structural details such as layout and sizes.

  • Additional echoARbuddy app includes Construction Phases expressed through 3D models created in Blender and rendered through the echoAR console


  • Echo AR

  • Unity Engine

  • Blender

  • Unity Engine

  • Android (v7 and above) Device with ARCore support


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