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Ad-Hoc Maintenance & in Extended Reality


Demonstration Training is one of the most primordial methods of training known. But this method of show and tell has its limitations in modern industries. Manufacturing industries, for instance, can't teach workers and staff, the working and operations of colossal machinery through demonstration, leading to them only absorbing surface level knowledge or inefficient operation method. We propose a training method in which two or more individuals, one of whom assume the role of the instructor, co-habituate a Virtual Reality environment and learn through interactions on a fully operational digital twin.


  • The prototype comprises a room in Virtual Reality that is simple, spacious, and free of distractions.

  • The room is shared by a trainer and N trainees. They can remotely join the room through the Internet.

  • A "digital twin", a 3D model resembling and connected to a machine in the real world, also exists in this room.

  • As the trainer interacts with the digital twin, the trainees can observe and also interact with it.

  • This can also facilitate ad-hoc remote maintenance by streaming diagnostic data in real-time using 10T.

  • Each session can be recorded and replayed for re-training or reference.


  • Unity3D

  • OpenVR

  • PhotonSDK

  • Oculus VR and Windows MR Headsets

  • Arduino

  • Blender

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